Allotinabox - super seed box


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  • Set of 10 (Carrot, Chives, Spinach, Spring Onion, Leeks, Rocket, British Thyme, Parsley, Mange tout, Aubergine))
  • Carrot CHF2.50
  • Chives CHF2.50
  • Spinach CHF2.50
  • Spring Onion CHF2.50
  • Leek CHF2.50
  • Rocket CHF2.50
  • British Thyme CHF2.50
  • Parsley CHF2.50
  • Mange tout CHF2.50
  • Aubergine CHF2.50

ALLOTINABOX produces magnificent GYO boxes for people of all ages, encouraging anyone, anywhere to get growing, even in Urban Spaces.

At ALLOTINABOX they enjoy real food, to them that’s delicious fresh fruit and veg, grown at home, plucked from the garden, or harvested on a bijou balcony or allotment, it doesn’t really matter, just as long as you’ve got a space, anyone can join in and learn how to grow. Go on have a go!

The SUPER SEED BOX contains 10 varieties of ALLOTINABOX No.1 seeds.

A brilliant booster pack for any enthusiastic grower, or a leg up for a complete beginner and what’s more you will find guides for growing all of the beauties in our seed help section →

Depending on the season, expect to receive varieties such as: Carrots, Chives, Spinach, Spring Onion, Leeks, Rocket, British Thyme, Parsley, Parsley, Basil and many more!

All of ALLOTINABOX seeds and packaging are sourced from British Plantsman keeping carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

Material: packaging 100% recyclable

Designed and made in Great Britain