Libuše Niklová - monograph

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The first monograph of one of the most important Czech designers, Libuše Niklová (1934-1981), explores the rich and divers world of her innovative plastic toys, featuring nearly five hundred color photographs and archival reproductions. Her oroginal and artistically conceived toys, together with her ingenious technical invention, occupy a unique position, not only locally, but in the global context as well. Some of them are now included among the icons of Czech design, For many of us, this book will awaken childhood memories; it can stimulate a passion for collecting. For others, it will provide endless inspiration. But most of all, everyone will be surprised by the number of widely popular toys actually designed by Libuše Niklová.

Publisher: Taktum s.r.o.
Author: Tereza Bruthansová
Graphic design: Zuzana Lednická (Studio Najbrt)

Size: 20.5cm x 19.5cm
Pages: 300
Illustrations: 490
Languages: Czech / English

Published: 2013
ISBN: 978-80-260-4827-5