Kendama - Play Pro II K - yellow

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The game known as Kendama refers to a Japanese game of skill. It is made up of a wooden ball (Jap.: dama) which is attached to a wooden handle (Jap.: ken) by a string.
It has three cups of different size to catch the ball and a a spike to spike up the ball.
Kendama is much like a combination of similar games from many cultures. Almost everywhere on earth there were at some point in time similar games. For example in France there is bilboquet, in Britain cup-and-ball, in Germany it was called Kugelfang or in many Spanish speaking countries there, for hundreds of years, has been a game called balero.
All these games are based on the same principle: catching one object with another and both object are attached to each other with a string.

The packaging includes an illustrated instruction with trick and safety instructions as well as a replacement string & bead, a sticker and a mounting tool.

Material: premium beech wood
String length: 40,0cm
Ball diameter: 6,0cm
Width: 7,0cm
Height: 18,5cm
Color: yellow
Finishing: shiny
Weight (May differ): 140g