Lamb Mobile - nature


Amsterdam is home base to ANNE-CLAIRE PETIT. The Designs of Anne-Claire sprout from her love for animals, from children’s books illustrations, specific colour combos and geometric patterns that catch her eye... Add a light-hearted attitude and plenty of innate curiosity to these preferences and there is no doubt that the collection is very much intertwined with the personality of the designer.

The world of ANNE-CLAIRE PETIT is a happy world.

In the turmoil of present times, Anne-Claire sees it as her personal goal to cherish traditional textile techniques by creating modern objects for contemporary homes. With all the love and energy put into the objects by her and by the women who do the handwork, Anne-Claire believes they are made to be cherished for a long time.

Each crochet item is unique as it is 100% handmade by woman living in countryside villages of Northern China. In this part of the country women have passed on their handwork traditions for many generations; it is part of their cultural and craft heritage.

Material: 100% organic cotton, hand crochet
Stuffing: all new materials containing polyester
Size: D 21cm
Colour: nature
Care: machine wash 30°C, do not tumble dry

Designed in the Netherlands
Handmade in China